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Tent to Tent Camping in Stehekin
Stehekin CAMPING


In an effort to fill the void caused by the washed-out road in the upper valley, we have modified the "hut-to-hut" system used in Europe. In that system, folks hike from hut to hut, without having to carry much gear. Our "tent-to-tent" program is a rustic version, which provides large outfitter tents at Cottonwood and Bridge Creek Campgrounds. These tents have all the supplies needed to make your stay enjoyable, including a wood stove, cots, table, chairs, and a kitchen stocked with all the pots, pans, and other utensils necessary to fix your meal. With these outfitter tents at key locations, the Stehekin Valley is once more accessible to those who wish to carry no more than a daypack.

What you'll find in camp:

The camps at Cottonwood and Bridge Creek provide everything you need. In fact, with all the comforts we provide, you may even forget that you're camping!

- Large outfitter style tent which can sleep up to 6 people
- Sleeping cots with pads
- Sleeping bags and pillows*
- Extra blankets
- Wood heater stove inside the tent
- Propane kitchen stove
- Bear and rodent proof food storage

*Removable liners are provided with the sleeping bags and pillows. Simply put a fresh liner in before using, and remove when you leave.

Suggested Uses for the Tent-to-Tent Sites:
There are many ways in which these camps may be used to meet your recreational needs. Below are a few ideas:

Hike into Stehekin over Cascade Pass with just a daypack! It is a gorgeous 9 mile hike over Cascade Pass to Cottonwood, followed by an easy 10 miles along the Stehekin Road the next day.

Hike into Stehekin via the Pacific Crest Trail. By using the tent at Bridge Creek, it will be 12 miles from highway 20 to Bridge Creek, and then only 3.5 miles to the bus pick-up on the Stehekin Road the next day.

Use the sites as base camps for various upper valley day hikes. There are many opportunities in the upper valley for hiking and fishing, which are easily accessible from Cottonwood and/or Bridge Creek. Hikes from Cottonwood include Horseshoe Basin, Cascade Pass, or a bushwhack to Trapper Lake. Bridge Creek opportunities include hikes up Goode Ridge, the North Fork of Bridge Creek, or the Pacific Crest Trail.

Reservation Info:
If you think this is something you would be of interest to you, reserve the camps by calling 1-800-536-0745, or by clicking on this link. The cost is $95 for the first 2 people, and $25 for each additional person up to a total of six.


We have stocked the camps with all the utensils you will need as well as various other non-perishable items. Be sure to note that food is not included.

We Provide:

Kitchen Utensils:
- Serving Spoons
- Spatula
- Hotcake Turner
- Tongs
- Knives
- Can Opener
- Plates, Bowls, and Cups
- Silverware
- Cooking Pots
- Hot Water and Coffee Pots
- Dish and Hand Washing Basins
- Dish Water Strainer

Cleaning Supplies:
- Dish Soap
- Handi-Wipes
- Scrubby
- Lysol
- Garbage Bags

- Matches
- Basic 1st Aid Kit
- Toilet Paper
- Various Seasonings
- Cooking Oil
- Sugar and Creamer